Show your chef creativity with digital menu boards

You may own a restaurant or run it as a manager. You may even hold a stake in a restaurant chain or have interest in the food servicing industry, or you may just be a customer who loves to eat out. But one undeniable truth is the fact that chefs eventually decide the direction a restaurant will go. Whether your restaurant will eventually make profit or not lies on the shoulders of your chef or how professional he is. 

So, showcasing your chef creativity using digital menu boards will not only impact your business positively, it will push your business to heights unimaginable. Regardless of your customer service team or the effectiveness of your waiters and servers, the ultimate reason why people are coming through the door of a restaurant or a fast food chain store is to get their stomach filled and the person that can get that done is your chef. So it is not so bad if attention is focused on his skills and creativity.

The onus lies on you to choose to make showcasing your chef creativity a priority in your restaurant, but here are a few pointers that could lead you on in the right direction. If and when you choose to take this giant leap.

Be strategic: You can’t just afford to splatter a video clip of your chef on the digital menu board all day, NO. You have to be very strategic about when you are showcasing your chef creativity. Not only do you need to have the house packed, you must also choose an appropriate time and other corresponding accessories to go with it.

Plan, plan, and plan: You can never plan too much, particularly when before you take the video shoot that will be broadcasted (except you want to use a picture series). You must have a proper plan in place that includes where the camera will be stationed, how many cameras are to be used, whether or not there will be need for additional lighting, the dish to be cooked, the preparation method and several other things should be scripted out and put in place before actual shooting commences. When all is set, stay natural and just go with the flow.

Rev up your chef’s creativity: If you are the restaurant owner or manager, you must be aware that if you do not stay informed, you can be a lag on your chef creativity. So you must allow your chef explore his height and depth of creativity. Allow him to play around with food items as he finds stability and ensures that your diners get the best bite possible. So cut him some leash, whether on the camera or off it. Does he like a menu item so much, let him work on it, does he think another menu item could use some revision, fine. Although you are in charge, be aware that you should not be so stoic and closed to change that you will hinder your chef’s creativity.

Display Ingredient and preparation process: Perhaps your chef is trying out a new dish and the video is not ready for display yet or the video editing team just called in for a time addition. Do not fret one bit, you can still show your chef creativity with all these bottlenecks. Just get pictures of the dish, craft out the ingredient list next to the pictures and embellish it with titbits from the preparation procedure. Your chef will be appreciated because you have shown the entire house his creativity, your patrons will love every bite of the meal. Because you have let them in on what it takes to prepare the awesome meal they have on their plate. And guess what? By the time the video is up and ready, you can still put it up for everyone to enjoy.

Allow diners interact with chef creations: When you post videos of your chef’s newest creation or a fusion of adjusted ingredient, allow your diners to interact with the creation. You could also post these interactions as a follow up to the videos. This will enable patrons to be a part of the experience, your chef’s ego gets inflated rightly and he can go off and work on a new recipe.

Digitise feedback: As much as feedback is cool, not much has been done with paper reviews, digitizing them can make things easy. While diners try out a new recipe, you could just ask everyone to describe the meal in a word and post it on your social media pages. You can also ask that the meal is rated over five or ten, this will help your chef adjust to the taste of the people, thus helping you to serve your customers the best of meals at every point in time.

Don’t stop: Even when it feels like Diners are focused on the food and not on the creativity of the chef, you must not stop showcasing your chef’s talent and depth of creativity. You must continue to project innovative videos of your chef doing his magic, and encourage your chef to prepare meals in such a way that places your business above a bar. You must equally take time out to encourage your chef. All of these matters and are very important, way beyond profiting, because these are the building blocks that ensure you get profits.

You cannot afford to hide your chef’s creativity; you need to get it out there. Every diner needs to see how much of an effort it takes to have a plate of their favorite delivered to their table, this will help them appreciate the establishment and the chef in particular. So what are you waiting for, team up with a good videographer who will give you the best shot and roll? Just get your chef to do his magic and your Cloud-based menu board can have a new addition. Trust me, after your first video, you will want to keep on shooting.

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