How to Setup an Inexpensive Digital Signage Menu Board

Digital innovations are impacting the code of business conduct. Either you own a local shop or a huge factory, you cannot deny the ways technology is impacting the modern world today.

Visit a school, restaurants, hospitals, airports or a cafe, you would stop by a digital display that introduce you to the brand, guide the directions or display the services.

For this you may have heard a solution like Digital Signage Menu Board – a technology that interacts with you and adds to a valuable customer experience. It not only helps to know about you but also counts in uplifting your brand to new heights.

But the question is how you will set up an inexpensive signage menu board?

Here are few steps explained that are not only cost-efficient but will also set you apart in today’s highly-competitive commercial industries. 

Choose Your Software Platform                                                                           

Availability of free open source software options has made it convenient to build your desired menu board. If you have access to computers, monitors and internet then you don’t have to spend a large amount of money.

You’ll find various free digital signage software that you can explore and use to set up digital signage menu board in a cost-effective manner.

Concerto, DigitalSignage, ScreenHub, ViewNeo and PiSignage are one of the top software platforms that you can use to build digital menu boards. Each of these open source platforms has media library along with remote deployment functionality.

Once you have selected a software platform, the first step is to design images and templates.

Let’s say you have chosen the ViewNeo to set up digital signage menu board so sign up for free. Then, right click on “create from template” in media tab. You’ll also see various animated templates for your menu boards. You can customize and make changes.

All this process will cost you hardly any money. The only thing you’ll need is internet and personal computer. At the same time, you’ll be able to create a long-lasting impression on your target market through the eye-catching design of menu boards.


Hardware is an important aspect when you have to set up the signage menu board. If you are using the Raspberry Pi B+ computers they will be linked to two televisions through HDMI. The Raspberry Pis will be connected internet through Ethernet cables.

You’ll also need a micro SD card and a case to add for Raspberry Pis. In this setup commercial-grade display will be more inexpensive and effective to use. These screens have great quality and are designed to stand up for long hours. All process can be completed at a cheap rate.

Configuration and Settings

It is the most important phase of setting up the digital signage menu board. If you are setting up the PiSignage account then navigate through a website and click the “Host it for free”. Follow the prompt and create your username and password.

Once you have created your account, you will be able to access the PiSignage web app. The column on left have menus that you can use to manage the content and players.

Control Players

You can see the status of your raspberry Pi players in this menu and it will help you to take the necessary actions accordingly. 

Expand in Groups

This menu will help you to make modifications in the menu boards and dispatch it to the digital signage players. Players are allocated to groups and groups have playlists to display it.

Upload Content

In this menu, you can upload content and images related to your services and deals. It will be shown on menu boards. 

Build Your Playlists

It is the menu through which you can decide that for how long images will be shown. Through assigned playlist, displays will loop through continuously. You don’t have to worry about the timer if you need a single image for the content.

Playlist editor menu enables you to arrange a layout for your content. You can set timers for the layout that have multiple zones.

Observation through Reports

You can observe any rapid variations that occur in your uptime players. This step will be really important as it will help you to identify the player issues.

Settings Function

It is the most important function of this whole menu. You can also de-register a player from your account. PiSignage gives you 3 players that are licensed free. If you want more players you have to purchase it which is available at reasonable prices.


A digital signage menu board has become the need of all restaurants and professional business organizations. Above-explained steps will help you to set up an inexpensive digital signage menu board in an effective manner. It will help you to enhance your customer base by grabbing a large number of customers’ attention.

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