How food chain owner can take advantage of cloud base digital menu boards

Much has been said about how the cloud-based digital menu board can help small and medium scale business owners, but something else comes into play when you are a food chain owner. Whether it is an eat-in restaurant or just a takeaway spot. The digital menu board can sure work wonders for you. It can turn your business around so radically that even you will be surprised. So what is holding you back from this exploring this boundless digital advertisement option?

Or have you been worrying about why you should invest in the cloud-based digital menu board, perhaps you think the USB based menu board will do the trick? You may be disappointed to find out that it will not offer you the flexibility that you truly desire and require. The fast-food business is no doubt living up to its name, it is fast, really fast and the ability to adapt to changing technologies is what makes the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful in this industry. So with an industry that diverse, how can food chain owner take advantage of this fantastic technology and deploy it to their aid:

Get your customer’s attention: With thousands of prospective customers on the road at any given point in time during the day, a cloud-based digital menu will surely be your best form of advertisement. The fact that you can get people attention with strategically targeted pictures and short videos will be a plus for you. It has also been statistically proven that you have about the quarter of minutes to convince a prospect to either stop by and eat lunch or to keep driving and check elsewhere. Since you are aware that the success or otherwise of your business depends on your customer convertibility, you must surely find out novel ways to grab their attention. This is one sure way- the cloud-based Digital billboard way.   

Increase your brand visibility: Are you worried that you are not too close to a major road and that people won’t drop by to eat? Worry no more. With our cloud-based digital menu board, you can bring your customers to your doorstep, it has been statistically proven that people get hungry when they see food on display. You can effectively leverage on this proven fact by displaying targeted ads at strategic locations to get your customers queuing all in front of you.

Brand consistency: Since you run a fast food chain, you need not worry about calling board meetings to decide what to project unto your digital menu board. In fact, the days of making a rapid-fire phone call to your staff in another state to change the graphics or picture on the menu board in time for your lunch offers are equally over. Now you can ensure the consistency of your brand and ensure all of your digital menu board are all projecting the same thing at every particular point in time. You can change the graphics, text or videos on any single one of your digital menu board at any location and at any point in time.  That way you are saying the same thing across the board in all your locations, and is there a better business strategy than that?

Make your menu visually appealing: With the right type of digital signage, you can effectively make your menu visually appealing. Just saying you are serving fries and coke for lunch may not do the magic. Get a picture of a great plate of fries next to a chilled bottle of coke. Right there and there, your customer’s stomach will begin to growl. Now that is the ‘I am hungry’ sign, and what better sound do you want to hear rather than that?  The cloud-based digital menu board has a way of adding a certain x-factor feel to your chain restaurants and you can leverage on this to visually appeal to your customers.

Easier communication: Communication itself is nothing complex, it aims to establish commonness, oneness. So why do we have to go to great lengths to get this done? The cloud-based digital menu board can help you take care of this. It will help to reduce the communication barrier between your fast food chain and your customers by sharing more information that is easier and faster to understand. It will also help to share information using the least words possible, this is because it will combine words with pictures, videos, and animations to pass the message appropriately home. You can also quickly and effortlessly inform customers about upcoming events, offers, and deals, all with the click of a few buttons.

Garner more from unplanned purchases: Just like when you are shopping online, you set out to purchase item A, but by the time you are filling in your card details, you have about four items in your cart. Now those were unplanned purchases, but the point is you are still paying for them. Why? They appealed to you. The cloud-based digital menu board can enable you to turn your business into an appeal bug too. While a patron is eating a specialty, he sees another scroll by on the menu board and he just can’t wait to try it out. So as soon as he is done eating this, he orders that. Now that’s an unplanned purchase for him, but you are smiling to the bank and that is all that matters.

Increases Customer’s involvement and experience: Digital menu boards can help you involve your customers using your social media tools. You could decide to post live feeds from interactions on the restaurant Facebook or Twitter handle on your menu board. There is this feeling of being involved that is felt when a customer sees his name pop up on the establishment menu board. Not only will it improve your customer’s experience, it will drive your customer’s involvement to the peak.

Now that you have seen how the cloud-based digital menu board can help improve your business, what is holding you back from investing in it? 

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