How Digital Menu Board can helps to increase businesses of bars and pubs

Bars and pubs have become increasingly important. Not only has the business structure evolved over the years, it has also undergone several changes that have placed it in high regard within the entertainment industry. With quite a lot of bars and pubs now incorporating other forms of business into their business to enable customers to spend more time in their establishment, it is no gainsaying that the bar business is a really important one (except you are in a country where drinking is prohibited.)

The digital age has seen bars and pubs getting websites and blogs, sponsoring top-notch events and organizing contests all in a bid to increase their customer base.  And while it looks like Bars and pubs have all of the help they need, that is quite far from the truth. The digital menu board is another important help that can boost the business of bars and pubs. As a bar owner, you may be wondering quite rightly how the new technology intends to help your bar grow its business. Do not fret, here is how: 

  • Reduce perceived waiting time: Do you remember those folks at the bar? they wait in the line to get their drink, or for the barman to mix their special blend of drinks. How you handle that waiting time matters, you could deploy your digital menu board to the rescue. That will actually reduce the perceived waiting time of your customers, and enable your customers to stay longer in the queue while you keep them occupied with engaging videos and pictures off of your digital menu board. So while it is true that not everyone likes to wait in long lines to get a drink, you can augment that period by displaying informative and entertaining content on your cloud-based digital menu board. 
  • Faster service time: With the digital menu board, you can increase your service time. Showing your customers, the drinks and the mixture of drinks you have will reduce the waiting time at the bar.  You can easily change or update the drinks mixture based on their availability, this will ensure that customers can easily order based on the available stock at every point in time. Instead of looking up at some printed available drink list or asking the barman repeatedly for what is available and what isn’t. The digital menu board makes everyone an expert. You get to the bar, order and get straight to your drink. No delays, no time wasted.
  • Promotional content and advertisement: Quite a lot of bars are not stand alone businesses, they may include other forms of businesses like the casino, a clubhouse or an entertainment outfit. Creating content and advertising for these side businesses can become very easy with the digital menu board. You can seamlessly advertise other events and special offers and on the digital menu board while your customers wait in line to get a drink. That way, you are sure that you are getting meaningful adverts across to your customers while keeping them busy yet waiting on the line. Do you have an exclusive event coming up in your bar or in the adjoining club or lounge? Make sure you broadcast it effectively on your digital billboard. You will be doing the event a whole lot of good.
  • Increase interaction between customers and organization: With the digital menu, you can increase the interaction between your customers and your pub or bar. Did a customer complain about a particular issue? Rectify it and inform the whole house that it has been looked into via the digital menu board. This will enlist you in the customer’s good book and ensure that you get as many interactions as possible. You can also post your customers interactions with the organization via social media on the digital menu board, and decide to do it in real time. Ask the barman announce that everyone should bring out their cell phones and to go to a particular social media site, post about their experience on your page and use a particular hashtag. You get in and gather up posts with the hash, post and you can be sure to get wows from your clients.
  • Increase customer experience: With a survey conducted among shoppers showing that most would likely return to a shopping mall where audiovisuals were utilized than where the same were not effectively utilized. The same could be said to be true for the pub business. So are you looking to increase your customer experience or you are looking to convert irregular customers into patrons? Bring in the digital menu board, not only will it give your bar a feeling of newness, you can be sure it will enthrall your customers too. Increasing their customers’ experience and turn them into regulars at your bar.
  • Increase interactions amidst customers: A lot of people come to bars and pubs looking forward to getting away from the harsh real life realities, so they walk into a bar and order their favorite drink, waiting for someone to come and break the conversational ice. As a bar owner, you can be of help in situations like these. You can deploy contents that will help crack up the atmosphere, which people can relate with of course. Thus, allowing people to discuss the issues raised in the content they just viewed. This can serve as a very effective icebreaker and this can allow for the free flow of conversation between customers. You can brew friendship in your bar as much as you serve the finest brewed drinks.

Although there are much more benefits that the digital menu board can offer your pub or bar, this few have shown that the digital menu board is what your business needs to get to the industry forefront. So get yourself a digital menu board, to get the best out of it, get yourself a cloud-based digital menu board. It will surely serve you well.

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