How a customised design (Contents) impact on the customer

Today’s business world is one that is ruled by advertisement, with about 70% of customers more likely to buy only from a business they have heard of. Increasing your business visibility is crucial to survival. Huge corporations and multinationals know this simple trick and they pour millions of dollars into advertising. From buying a fraction of the time you spend watching TV to placing ads on all the webpage you visit, they seem to be winning the war. They are only operating at such a level because they understand the impact customized content have on their customers- the people who end up using their products.

As a small or medium scale business, you definitely don’t have the amount of revenue to expand on advertisement like the multinationals, but here is one thing you could do: take a cue from them. How do I mean? They are a global company; you are a business that is not known on the other coast. It only seems fitting that they would spend more. But what if there was a method you could use to amass a huge customer base and also keep your existing customers and yet not breaking the bank in the process.   The good news is, not only such a method exists, it has been working for others for a while.

That method is nothing other than customized content advertisement. Powered by the digital menu board, customized content advertising is in the hands of a salesperson or marketer and with wide-ranging impact, customized content advertising is capable of taking your business from the back seat to the first row in your industry. But here is the downside, if you are running a USB powered digital menu board, you won’t be able to enjoy the best of customizable designs or contents. Do not fret, you will be able to use it, but you won’t be able to get the best out of it. Since you will have to shuffle between the business and uploading your latest content unto the digital board, this is where we enjoin you to switch over to our cloud-based digital menu board to enable you to enjoy the best of customizable content or design. You can read about the benefit here 

So, let’s take a look at the impact customizable content or design has on your customers:

Increased engagement: customizable design can increase your customer’s engagement; it can even take customers engagement to a whole new level. How do I mean?  Since you can react to your customer’s antics in real time, this will definitely increase your engagement rate. Customers are moved by novelty, fantastic and customized designs and content.

Improved feedback: feedback is very essential in a business, and you can get it through customized content and design. You will most likely give seamless feedback to a business owner who uses customized designed and content, that one who does not. And since feedback is the soul of business, you can exploit this very important element to make your business better.

Special feel: Since customers are individuals with their own distinct taste and likes, customizable design and content can make every customer feel uniquely special since designs and content can be sporadically changed over time. Therefore, each individual customer continues to patronize you since people trade with businesses that make them feel special.

Increased Customer Experience: Customised experience is another key element in your business, and using customized designs and content can help to increase this. This can, even more, be enhanced if your content is in no way exaggerated. Since you will be painting an imaginative picture and a concrete picture with your designs and pictures, that way when the customer eventually walks through your door what they see is what they get. That would take their experience to a whole new level and max it out.

Draw in prospective customers: is there a particular market you have been trying so hard to break into and it’s not just working? Customised design and content can be that golden key that never fails to get the door widely open. When you switch over to using customized designs and content, you must only be sure that a good percentage of your content is tailored for those categories. Sounds easy right? I bet it does.

Increase organizational appeal: Take it or leave it, branding is a key part of an organizational approach. You may have a good service you render, dedicated staff and fantastic customer services. But the first thing that most likely leads a customer to your organization is your branding. Therefore, taking your branding serious is taking your organization serious. The more your organizational appeal, the more your customer base. That’s simple arithmetic, not rocket science.

Overall customer pride: The visual sensors in the brain are linked to the feel-good hormones. Every time you see a content that is visually appealing and is particularly targeted at you, you have a very high tendency to feel good about yourself and the more you reinforce your customer’s pride, the more likely they are to stick to doing business with you and to also spread word of mouth about your business. Now that’s some form of the cheapest advertisement you can get. It is all entirely free.

Now that you know what customizable designs and content can do for your business, particularly when it is targeted at the right class of people. You will more than agree that you need to invest not only in a cloud-based digital board, you will also need to customize all your content and designs and aim them at the right client base. We can help you with this at Khazina signage studio. We stand for excellence in signage and digital advertisement. We also provide thousands of templates that make your customizable designs stand in a class of their own.

Come, do business with us. You will be glad you did.

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