Digital menu board for mobile catering vans

With an increasing popularity due to the fast nature of the corporate world. Fast food is not just fast enough any longer. What obtains now is fast food coupled with an even faster delivery. Some customers will even agree to pay more for a premium, faster-than-normal delivery. So to service customers like these, restaurants and fast food stores have invented a new strategy – the mobile catering van. With everyone getting busy by the day, most corporate workers and executives consider those few minutes you spend at the counter for a waiter to take your order an excessive waste of precious time. So, way out. They order their meal from the comfort of their cozy offices and the restaurant makes the delivery, after all, they will pay in excess of the premium service.

No wonder the mobile delivery van has become ubiquitous depending on the street you walk down though. Of course, you don’t need anyone to lecture you that the rudiment of marketing is to meet your prospect where they are – that is why organizations spend millions on online ads and even extra cash on TV commercials because that is where the people are. What then are you doing with that asset in your restaurant parking lot? Are you just making deliveries with the hope that someday a big shot will hear about your fast food joint and you will hit it big? NO! Don’t make that mistake. Get proactive, engage your prospects, and what better way is there to do that than via the Cloud-based digital menu board? How then can the digital menu board help you to reach your prospect when mounted on your Mobile catering van:

Create Awareness: An effective way in which the digital menu board can come through for you when mounted on your mobile delivery van is the creation of awareness. While going through the street to make a delivery or just going to get some groceries for tomorrow’s cooking, your van is sure to travel some distance every day. Displaying your business information on the van will sure be to your advantage, before long, the news of your business would have circulated far and wide and your customer’s base will be definitely better for it.

Automated Display based on location: Since you know where your van will be headed to at a particular time or on a given day, it is easy to automate information or to customize contents that will be tailored towards the particular audience at that location. This will enable you to increase your customer base and also convert churned customers into permanent members.

Reduced perceived waiting time: Are you booked for a large outdoor event or you have a particularly large delivery to handle and you are worried about how to reduce the perceived waiting time of your customers while they wait for you to complete your delivery or while they stand in the line waiting to be served. The cloud-based digital menu board can also come in rather nicely for you in this regard, as you can display trivia’s, facts and other interesting titbits to reduce your customers perceived waiting time. They will surely be grateful for this.

Maintain brand Consistency: With a digital menu board mounted on your restaurant delivery van, you are effectively increasing and maintaining your brand consistency. This is because the same set of image, graphics, and information that is being displayed on your in-house digital menu board will be the same that will be displayed on the menu board mounted on your van. A cloud-based digital menu board will give you the opportunity to manage all your digital menu boards in one place regardless of their locations.

Maximize reach of publicity and returns on investments: With a cloud-based digital menu board mounted on your catering/delivery van, you can have the best of both worlds, in that wherever the van goes, the news of your restaurant goes with it and the fact that you are spending no extra buck on widening this reach is something that is fantastic for business. That way you can widen your business reach without lifting a finger. Also, the fact that you don’t have to do any other thing except to select the information you want to project will lead to an increase in your return on investments. Now, isn’t that what every businessman craves?

Support local community: You are definitely not the only restaurant in your community, so if you want to stay on top of your game, you have to learn to support and give back to the local community, organizing contests and hosting event is a tip of the iceberg, it will definitely cost you money. What if there was a way you could ace it without spending a dime? The goal of every business is to cut overhead cost while increasing sales, I don’t need to tell you that. A first-year accounting or business administration major knows that. Broadcasting local news on your digital menu board is a means of giving back to the community, you could decide to display weather and traffic report in a line yard notification manner while your restaurant commercials run on the main screen. That way you will effectively give back to and support the local community without increasing your overhead cost.     

Mounting a digital menu board on your restaurant delivery van is a very smart move for your fast food business. If you understand the ramifications and you weigh what you stand to gain by getting involved in this novel advertising strategy, then you will waste no time in getting your acts together and delving right into it. Take your advertisement and customize it to the people who need it. All your prospects are out there in the streets. So mount up your digital menu board and take it to them where they are. There is no better marketing strategy than this.

See you on the road!


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