Cloud-Based Digital Signage vs USB Update Digital Menu Board

With an increase in the number of businesses out there, there is a need to give yours a cutting edge, and that is why everyone is taking advantage of the latest technology and investing vigorously in it. From hospitals to restaurants, everyone has jumped on the digital trend that came with the massive explosion of computers coupled with business psychologist’s findings that people are more appealed to by pictures than mere words. Hence, the focus changed from the average LED signage that displays business name and services offered to the more professional and elitist digital menu board.

With its ability to convey High Definition Videos, text and even pictures, the digital menu board became an instant hit with small and medium scale businesses that hope to bring customers in based on the strength of visual appeal. The digital menu board can also be used to pass relevant information across to customers which include a change in closing or opening time, a sales discount or promotion, an unavailable stock or a recently available stock.

Meanwhile, digital menu boards are more than just advertising tools; they could become the very soul of your business. With all the good this technology can do for your business, it possesses one unique disadvantage only. Contents on the digital menu board can only be updated via USB technology, and not only is this method slightly old-school, it requires you to stay on site every single moment your content needs a change or an update. Hence, you will need to finish up your designs or edit your videos and then save the files to a USB flash which you then take to the digital menu board to upload. This process can be nerve-wracking, and that is why we have decided to save you that stress.

What if you can have all of your designs in one place without having to worry about the USB stick running out of space or making the daily round of trips to the digital menu board just to update content?  Yes, that dream is possible. With the latest Cloud-based digital signage technology, you need not worry about anything. All of your videos, text and pictures are stored in one secured location, and you can access them from wherever you are and broadcast to your digital signage board, doesn’t that sound like fun? I’m sure it does.

Let’s take a quick look at why you should upgrade to a cloud-based Digital signage system.


Running a small restaurant owner and being a chef can be tedious at times, how about when you bring in the daily jog across the streets to upload content on the Digital board? Now that’s outright tiresome. A cloud-based signage system saves you that time you need to do extra chores, and with your tablet with you, it does not matter where you were when the content was uploaded. Whether it was while you were pushing your cart around the shopping mall floor or while you were waiting in the queue to see the doctor, it does not matter, all that matter is that your contents were uploaded and customers can see it.

Do you run a chain of restaurants or retail stores in different areas offering slightly different services or selling various items, you need not worry about making frantic calls to a worker in that branch to change the message on the digital board, you can do that yourself wherever you are. You can also decide to schedule posts for a particular time in a specific location, and at that particular time, the content finds their way to the board. No hassles, no delay, now that is what I define as time-saving. 

Keep things Private

Are you worried about an employee getting snatched by a close competitor, or you are scared some advertising strategies may be pilfered off your USB flash drive? With a cloud-based digital signage system, you need have no fear. You can keep everything private, and in a secured location. Cloud storage will ensure that your files cannot be accessible by no one else but you with an extensive end to end encryption, you can rest assured that your data is secured since you will be provided with a username and password.

Get smart

Have you been spending extra cash getting a graphic designer to design your digital billboards contents? That ends with the cloud-based signage system. With a lot of cloud service providers offering design templates as a tip, you need pay no graphic designer. You just go ahead and fit in all the pieces, and you are good to go. This will give you a dashing, and a professional-looking content without employing the services of a designer. Khazina signage studios offer a whole lot of templates that will ensure that you don’t run out of ideas.

Stay in control

Several cloud service provider gives you different degrees of autonomy over your digital board control, but with Khazina signage studio, you are your own boss. You can simulate whatever you want to happen when people interact with your digital board. Also, adding touch commands to compatible boards will ensure greater customer integration and response determining what happens after the time-out period or a period of inactivity. All these allow you to stay in control and yet have your customers in the palm of your hand.

Social integration

While your average USB technology will not allow this, cloud-based signage will enable you to post live feeds from your business social media pages; be it the hottest picture on your Instagram page or the trivia that could be answered by only people who have tried your menu that is generating hundreds of replies on your twitter. Feel free to post and let other passerby and customers guess the answer too, you can effectively boost your online followers and increase your reach.

Brand consistency is no longer an issue with the latest cloud-based signage solution from Khazina signage studios. We grant you access to all the tools you need, thus saving you precious time and money while allowing you stay on top of your game, how much better can it get?

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